Mask Mandate returning from Christmas break

Following Christmas break Darlington School students returned Jan. 5 to a newly enforced a mask mandate. Covid has become more of a threat with the new variant called Omicron which is more contagious than most. The new mandates came from extensive conversations amongst the heads of school.

 “The best mitigation strategies are avoiding big crowds in tight spaces, and or wearing a mask,” headmaster Brent Bell said.

Students have different feelings about the mask mandate. Some reactions are positive. 

“I get it, I guess it’s for people’s safety, it’s not a big deal,” freshman Sammy Kunczewski said.

Returning back from Christmas break would be impacted heavily by Covid and mask may be the only way for students to stay in school.

“The goal of the school is to be out of the mandate as quickly and safely as possible,” Bell said.

Some students don’t believe masks will help.

“You can still breathe germs in through the mask,” ninth grader Trenton Moore said.

Headmaster Bell thinks there are a few key strategies to keeping everyone safe

“Mainly wearing masks in the school environment, and making sure the soap is in the soap dispenser”.