Chandler Edge ’17: Finding His Place

Abby Sklar, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Senior Chandler Edge has found his place in high school, even if it took trying a few different activities to find it.

“As I came into the high school and our grade expanded, we’ve matured a lot and we don’t even care who’s popular or who’s not popular,” Edge said. “I feel like I’ve thrived throughout high school; whereas, middle school was kind of a struggle for me.”

After quitting cross country as a sophomore, Edge found what he was really passionate about.

“I do all of the musicals and plays and stuff. Well, I used to do cross country since like fourth grade, so for, like, eight years, and then I was like ‘no, can’t do that anymore.’ So, I quit and I needed something else to do and everyone told me I’d be a great actor because I was so animated and whatnot,” Edge said.

Once Edge decided to try out for a play, he found his place in the school.

“You have your natural talents, cross country was one of mine, and I could have pursued it because I was really good. I could have easily gone to a college with a cross country scholarship, but I didn’t want to run for a sport. So I feel like I found another one of my natural talents with theater and I fit well with it.”

Edge played one of the lead roles in “Once upon a Mattress,” the first play he tried out for, and has been involved in the theater ever since.

“I tried out for “Once upon a Mattress” during winter of ┬ámy sophomore year right after I finished cross country, and I got one of the lead roles. I thought ‘maybe this is a sign’ and so I did it and I’ve been in so many shows since then.”

Through theater, Edge has found his place in the school and made many friends.

“The theater program itself. It’s where I’ve made the most friends and where I fit in. I honestly don’t know where I’d be in this school if I did not have theater,” Edge said. “We are like a family.”