Chance the Rapper: Coloring Book Review

Chance the Rapper’s third mixtape, “Coloring Book,” has many clips of well-known gospel tunes and a noticeable hip-hop beat. In the gospel tunes, you can hear his background of being raised in the church. The mixtape has a wide variety of features from Kirk Franklin to Justin Bieber. Each song tells its own story of his past for example “Blessings” and “How Great” which includes some of his childhood memories and his gratefulness for fame.

He expresses a proud attitude of being a Chicago native which influences his sound by using the “Chicago Children’s Choir.” While there is a gospel sound to some tracks he managed to keep a balance to include strictly hip-hop elements in “Mixtape” and “No Problem.” However, he breaks out of the gospel and hip-hop realm with a nice R&B feel with “Same Drugs” and “Juke Jam”.

In my opinion, this is the only mixtape or album that I can listen to and feel someone’s past and their journey to their own personal success.  I recommend listening to this if you want to have something to relax and have fun with at the same time. In this mixtape  Chance the Rapper has finally fulfilled my dream of finding an album without skipping tracks.