Review of Jingle Ball 2015

On December 17th, 2015, the fifteenth annual Jingle Ball has held in the security-packed Phillips Arena. This concert is tailored to include a mix of up and coming artists with the performances of well known artists. 

“I was impressed with the line up as a whole, everyone sounded good live. I was really there for Justin Bieber and he was impressive as well,” said senior Courtney Sabino. 

The first act of the concert was Charlie Puth. Charlie sang the following three songs: “See You Again”, “Marvin Gaye”, and “One Call Away”. He was very excited to be there, and did a great job besides the occasional voice crack. Charlie was a great opening act and proved to be very talented pianist. 

Hailee Steinfeld was the second act of the concert and was very entertaining performer. You may know her from her role in the movie Pitch Perfect 2, she played Emily. When performing she was not alone. She had five or six backup dancers, but Hailee noticeably did not dance as much as the backup dancers, surely because of the height of her heels. She sang “You’re Such A” and “Love Myself”. Hailee has a great voice and I am excited to see her grow within her acting and singing careers. 

The third act of the night was DNCE, a band consisting of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee. The band itself is a very interesting mix of people. DNCE kept the stage alive and busy. They performed “Cake by the Ocean”, “Jinx”, and “Pay My Rent”. During their performance of “Jinx”, “Justin Bieber” walked through the crowd and was swarmed by fangirls. Later, a friend confirmed that it was not Justin, just a weird look-alike. However, if you’re into on-the-edge-of-rock, you should check them out DNCE. 

The EDM group, The Chainsmokers were the fourth act of show. They only played their radio single, “Roses ft. ROZES”. Since they weren’t actively performing, my friends and I left to get our t-shirts. I think that if they had made a bigger deal about their entrance on stage or possibly explained themselves, their performance would have been more entertaining. 

Fifth Harmony was the fifth act of the night and opened with a beautiful cover of “Silent Night” followed by “Bo$$”, “Sledgehammer”, and “Worth It”. They were more than entertaining and danced throughout their entire performance. The girls of Fifth Harmony vocally take their songs to the next level during their performances and it was great to see. 

Shawn Mendes, the sixth act and youngest performer, opened with his first single “Something Big”. He then played “Stitches”, a mashup of “Never be Alone”, and “Hey There Delilah”. Shawn even pulled up special guest Camila Cabello, a member of Fifth Harmony. They sang “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, their new single together. Shawn was very talented on guitar, and constantly allowed for his fans to recite his lyrics back to him. 

Nick Jonas appeared as the seventh act of the night, opening up with the second single off his new album Nick Jonas, “Chains”. He also sang “Levels”, a cover of “I Can’t Feel My Face”, a mashup of his song “Teacher” and “Poison” (by Bell Biv DeVoe), “Who I Am” from one of his earlier albums, and ended his show with “Jealous”. I think he, or his voice rather, is substantially better live than on the radio. 

The larger than life Justin Bieber came out as the seventh and final act of the night. He opened his act with “Where Are Ü Now”, which featured Skrillex and Diplo. He also sang “Boyfriend”, a song from his earlier album Believe. Justin put up his mic and sat down, accompanied by a guitarist, for the performances of “Love Yourself” and “Mistletoe”. He also sang and dance to “As Long As You Love Me”. Before Justin’s last song, he made a speech to the crowd in which he thanked us for standing by him and his mistakes. He appropriately ended the show with “Sorry”.  

Overall, it was a great concert. It was fun to have a DJ and host to keep the crowd entertained while the switching of performers took place. This was a great concert and I can’t wait for next year’s Jingle Ball concert.