Faculty Feature: Beth Wilson


Farrin Mumpower, Reporter

Beth Wilson is head of the English Department at Darlington Upper School. She was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and attended an all girl academy. Beth attended college at Davidson in North Carolina.

When Beth was older, she had the idea to go on EHarmony, the world renowned dating site. She did this so she could learn to date and break up with a guy. Unfortunately, this never happened because the very first person she was matched up with was her current husband.

She came to Darlington because her husband was from Rome and after being married, they wanted to move to Rome, GA. She found a job at Darlington School as an AP English teacher and Yearbook Coordinator, and took it.

Beth Wilson and her husband now have two children who both attend Darlington School. Beth is currently working on her PHD in English. According to Beth, she “wants to continue bettering herself professionally”. Beth feels that her family is very grounded in Darlington and the community, so she doesn’t foresee leaving here anytime soon. But also, if the time comes to better herself in her profession, she would pursue that.

In Beth’s spare time, she’s an active runner. Her husband was the one who urged her into running through disguise. Beth says she’s the type of her person where if someone tells her to do something, she won’t do it. Knowing this, her husband hinted around at running, she went out and tried it, and actually decided to stick with it.

She just ran a half marathon this weekend in Savannah, GA.

“I’ve found that running takes absolutely no athletic skill, so that really works for me,” said Wilson.

She’s realized that the first couple miles are the hardest, but after that it’s not hard at all. She plans on continuing running, maybe up to a marathon race.