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Thornwood Halloween Activity: Pumpkin Decorating Contest


Before Halloween this year, Thornwood House organized a pumpkin design contest for each area of the dorm to welcome the arrival of Halloween.

The theme of the first prize pumpkin was Mrs. Bruce, the Head House of Thornwood. 

The people in this group created lots of items, such as a heater, mug, and computer, to represent Mrs. Bruce’s habits “We recycle the cardboard and paint the cupboards black and draw some little graphics on it to make it more like a heater,” Ariel Xu said. 

Allison Liang, who works with Ariel Xu, “is talented at thinking how to make things come to reality,” Ariel Xu said. Thus, they didn’t meet any challenges during the process, and everything went really well. 

Everyone in this group has a clear division of labor. For example, Olivia Chen helps do the real makeup on the pumpkin of Mrs. Bruce’s face “We have fake eyelashes on the pumpkin, and we have those like big gold earrings since Mrs. Bruce likes to wear those urines,”

“Sassy was the main designer and planner. She sacrificed her makeup,” Olivia Chen said. 

Allison Liang thinks this activity was pretty interesting “It’s fun like everybody gather around on the table and they can paint whatever they wants,”

Olivia Chen and Allison Liang provide some new ideas for next semester’s Halloween activity theme “I hope we can actually carve a pumpkin,” Olivia Chen said. “We can go to other houses to do the trick or treat; this is a way we can communicate and make some new friends,” Allison Liang said.

The second prize pumpkins theme was about Dunkin Donuts 

The people in this group had lots of detailing on their pumpkins and were very creative. 

“My original idea was to do Harry Potter, but the rest of our pod decided to do Dunkin Pumpkin Spice latte,” said Natalia Sands, grade eleven

“It was really fun to bond with the girls in the dorm… I feel as though we should’ve won still,” said Natalia Sands, grade eleven

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