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Boys’ Varsity Team Advances In Playoffs With Win Over Coosa


The Boys’ Varsity Soccer team played Coosa after their win against Trion and were triumphant, coming out with a 4-2 win. 

“It was a good game; we executed the game plan that the coach set for us and worked as a team to get the results we wanted,” Senior Tochukwu Obioha said. 

Throughout the thrilling 90 minutes, the team played together to fight for the win. They carried the momentum from their last game to push them toward victory against Coosa. With the win, they continue their positive playoff run. However, the team has to take care of themselves as they are going through a tight stretch of games in the playoffs. 

“We are taking time to recover and stretch to ensure optimized performances from the team,” Senior Nicolas Ntayagabiri said. 

They follow recovery routines to keep their bodies in the best state possible. As the team progresses, they are burdened with more pressure and adversity. As they progress into the next round of the playoffs, they need to be ready physically and mentally for them to pursue victory. 

“We’ve carried the momentum from the first game to give us a boost, and we’re trying to do the same for the next game against Armuchee … We’ve been supporting each other as a family to battle the great responsibility placed on our shoulders,” Obioha said. 

As the team fights through the playoffs, they keep their heads up in pursuit of victory. The team is working together to put their name in the history books. They are in preparation for a game against Armuchee High School in the third round of the playoffs. 

“We are optimistic about the outcome of all the hard work we have put into this season and are ready to fight relentlessly through our obstacles to achieve our goals,” Ntayagabiri said.

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