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Girls J.V. Tennis Continues Through Regionals

Ella Meng (9)

The girls’ junior varsity tennis team has continued pushing through regionals for the Spring season, most recently competing against Carrollton High School this March.

“I wasn’t satisfied with our match because I felt like we could win the match, but we ended up losing,” freshman Ella Meng said.

For many players, the recent loss against Carrollton was a letdown since many have been preparing for their matches since the beginning of spring. Many J.V. players only began playing tennis recently. Thus, they believe they can only grow from here despite their loss and are preparing different plans to practice for future matches in order to win. The players felt they could work on certain skills to secure a win.

“A challenge I faced during the match was that my backhand is not good, so I would like to work on it more for upcoming matches,” Meng said.

With the help of coaches Betina Fuentes, Alan Liow and Mark Tunnell, many players have focused on their weaknesses so they can strengthen them and round out their skills. They say this will prepare them to play against different teams and opponents since they will have more skills to use in matches.

“I think I need to practice my serve more since in doubles you need to serve to the correct position to begin the match,” senior Taylor Zhang said.

Though disappointed with their loss, players continued to look towards future matches and ways to improve. They reflected on what went wrong in their recent match which led to a loss, so they could work on particular skills that would aid them in the future. They plan to continue practicing as they work towards completing the season to win in their future matches.

“I want to continue practicing more and collaborating with my partner to win more matches,” Meng said.

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