Cross Country Area Meet


The Cross Country Team raced in the area meet on Oct. 24 at Darlington. 

Cross country poses both mental and physical challenges. 

“This season I’ve gained the ability to know how hard I can push myself. I’ve learned I can push so much more than I ever knew I could in order to support the team as a whole,” senior Maggie Hawkins said. 

Unfortunately, the boys did not qualify for state, so the region meet marked the end of their season.

Cross country provides a source for new friendships.

“From cross country season, I was able to get in really good shape and able to make new friends that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. I’m really going to miss being able to hang with my friends after school and I probably won’t be able to get in that good of shape ever again,” senior Chandler Pittman said. 

The girls finished fourth in the area, qualifying them for state. 

“I gained relationships that will last me a lifetime with these girls and boys. I’ve also gained more mental toughness through this sport because it is one of the most rigorous sports I know. It is a matter of how much I can push myself and I learned how to push through my mental block,” junior Lauren Childs said. 

The state meet will take place on Nov. 2 at Carrollton High School.

“As we go forward to state this is the last week of my high school cross country career so I’m making the most of it. State will be Saturday and we are well prepared and ready for this challenge. Without each other, there’s no way we would have ever been able to get this far. I’m so thankful for my team and I’m going to miss them the most,” Hawkins said.