2019 CESA St. Francis Sports Medicine Classic


The Girls Soccer Academy traveled to Greenville, S.C. for the 2019 CESA St. Francis Sports Medicine Classic. They played in the Wenwood Soccer Complex.
It was a weekend with a lot of victories and no losses. They scored 9 goals in total and conceded 0. 

“It was my first tournament so I was like, pretty nervous. I thought we were gonna win, but like, we needed to work really hard for it,” forward Maria Capuz said.

Darlington School played three games the whole weekend and according to the girls the final game against CESA was the most exciting and nerve-racking. 

The girls from the Soccer Academy learned a lot throughout these games. They could manage their patience, control and nervousness, and learn how to work better as a team. “I learned that every single game you have to do your best and be confident with yourself.” said Capuz. 

This weekend was a great experience for the Soccer Academy girls to embrace this sport and do what they love.