Tennis Retreat


Hank Crawford, Staff Writer

The tennis team took a retreat to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina to try to improve as a team.

The main goal of the retreat was for the team to improve their tennis skills and also to become closer as a team. One thing the team felt they all needed to improve upon was their serve and volley game.

“The tennis retreat really helped the team to grow as a whole and individually because we worked especially on serving and volleying which is definitely a weakness for many of us,” senior Callie Maffett said.

Another goal for the retreat was for the team to come away closer as a team and to bond together as team chemistry is just as important as the skill of each individual player.

“The retreat was fun and informative. We learned a lot and grew as a team,” sophomore Dawson Williams said.

The training from the pros at Hilton Head was great for the team, but much of the team enjoyed spending time together off the courts.

“My favorite part was hanging out with David Hagler because he is a great role model and makes me a better person,” freshman Tate Roberts said.