Keara Evans Remembers Lady Tiger Basketball

Anna Claire Atha, Reporter

When asked to tell her favorite and least favorite moments concerning the Darlington Lady Tiger Basketball team, senior Keara Evans couldn’t help but smile as she recalled the many memories of her past four seasons. Evans was quick to name her favorite moments, but could not think of many bad ones.


“We have taken many road trips throughout my four years as a Lady Tiger

including Savannah, Pelham, and Alabama, all which have been incredibly fun

with my teammates. My favorite trip would definitely be Savannah though, when

we beat Savannah Country Day to qualify for the Final 4 in the state tournament,” said Evans.

Locker Room Dance Parties:

“Our locker room dance parties are the best. My favorite was in Augusta, when

our speakers lit up different colors so we turned the lights off and had a rave

before the game,” said Evans.

Pregame Meals:

“I would confidently say that we are fed better than any team around. My favorite

part about pregame meals is watching film and putting embarrassing moments

into slo-mo. UF’s, or unassisted falls, most specifically,” said Evans.

Hard Work:

“From 6AM summer workouts to countless suicides, I would never take back the

hours and hard work I’ve put into this program. Our hard work definitely pays off,

and that is the greatest feeling to know that,” said Evans.

Least Favorite:

“Running the “timed mile” on Saturday mornings… I think that speaks for itself,” said Evans.



“I have loved every second of being a Lady Tiger. It has been an incredible chapter of

my life and I would not replace one second of it,” said Keara Evans.


 You will be missed, Keara!