#RUMPUS2016: Lip Sync

Ishani Desai and Abby Sklar

On the first day of RUMPUS 2016, Friday, Jan. 15, the annual Lip Sync competition was held at 8 p.m.

“I think everyone stepped it up with all the props and choreography this year,” Emily Edwards (Cooper) said. “I had a lot of fun doing it this year.

Each year, all six houses practice day in and day out in order to perform dance routines in front of the whole Darlington community with two chosen songs. One is the “big group” and the other is for the “small group” performance. For RUMPUS 2016, Mrs. Ashley Evans, Mr. Moss and Mrs. Bell judged the routines.

“I loved doing lip sync,” Jan Riefkohl (Summerbell) said. “It was a great first experience. I definitely want to do it every year.”

Here are how the houses ranked in the Lip Sync competition:

Summerbell – 1st place

Moser – 2nd place

Thornwood – 3rd place

Regester – 4th place

Cooper – 5th place

Neville – 6th place

“I had so much fun. Even though we didn’t win, I still had fun. There’s always next year,” Billy Biscoe (Moser) said.