Abby Sklar and Ishani Desai



Though this year “Fear Factor” became “Hunger Games”, and the problem with the food was quantity instead of quality [like in past years], the looks on the faces of the contestants had barely changed: regretful, disgusted and bright red as always. As some contestants threw up, many in the crowd had to look away. 

“I had to chug the Coke. I almost finished it, but I threw up like six times.” -Josi McKibben (REG).

The first dish was a can of Pringles with a water bottle. Most contestants crushed the Pringles to make it easier and chugged a lot of water. The second was cream puff. Their softness and creaminess  made them the easiest to eat and were finished very quickly by all of the houses. The third was a one liter bottle of coke. Most of the houses chugged the coke in four to five huge gulps, drinking the water that they had to finish in between. The slight delays between some of the gulps made it evident that carbonation in the coke was hitting them hard. The fourth was an extremely large hamburger. The fifth was five hotdogs. Lastly, there was salted pretzels. This was, by far, the hardest and took way longer to eat than any of the others. Both Neville and Thornwood couldn’t even finish the pretzels.

“I had to eat the pretzels. I ripped them apart. I accidentally spilt the water, so I had to mop up the water with the pretzel. I was able to eat three before I had to pass it off,” Elliot Kinney (SMB).

Though it was just as gross as in previous years, several contestants still volunteered to do it next year.

“I had to finish the burger thing, and it was horrible. I took huge bites so I was low key choking. But I’d totally do it again, it was fun,” Taala Anguin (CPR).

This event was scored girls versus girls and boys versus boys. For the girls, Cooper won, Regester came in second and Thornwood came in third. For the boys, Summerbell won, Moser came in second and Neville came in third.