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Community Goes Crazy over Stanley Cups

Taylor Zhang (12) and Mary Blair Fuller (12)

Recently a new craze has arisen out of the Stanley X Starbucks collab cup, as masses of people have traveled to buy it.

People arrived before stores opened to wait in line for the new tumbler. However, these lines did not stay and disorganization arose amongst those who wanted the cup. This spiraled into fighting and videos were taken and posted online.

I think that’s silly,” senior Mary Blair Fuller said. “Like, it’s just a water bottle, but, I mean, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, I guess. But I would not indulge in that.”

Many were shocked and confused by the fighting. As its popularity increases, people are willing to go to greater lengths to get the tumbler, yet there has also been pushback and criticism by people who believe they are going too far. 

“I don’t know why people are fighting over them, but they’re probably too popular,” senior Taylor Zhang said.

The tumbler gained notoriety when a video came out of the cup surviving a car fire. The Stanley craze only grew from there. Reviews praise its temperature insulation and convenience.

I like that it keeps my water cold for a long time,” Fuller said. “I like the straw for some reason. It makes me drink water, and I like the handle too. It’s easy to carry.”

With the rise of a healthy lifestyle in popular media, people have become more aware of the importance of drinking water and its benefits to their health. This in turn has led to the unexpected rise of the Stanley cups. 

It helped me have more healthy water drinking habits,” Zhang said. I didn’t drink a lot of water every day because the cup I used was very small. It’s not very convenient like the Stanley which has a straw, and you can just hold it and drink water whenever you want. So it makes me more willing to drink water.”

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