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Darlington Seniors Prepare for College

Seniors at Darlington are in the middle of their college application process and some have already decided on the college they are attending.

Mary Covington is a residential senior at Darlington. She applied to one college and has already decided that is where she is going to school.

“I have applied to one [college],” Covington said. “I’m going to Ole Miss.”

She started her application very early in order to feel prepared.

“I started my college process at the beginning of the summer because I didn’t want to be stressed whenever it came to fall. I wanted to work on my grades because I want to rush next year,” Covington said. “It was rolling admission; I found out in about three weeks and I got in.”

Covington looked at other colleges but she knew that she wanted to go to Ole Miss ever since she saw the campus.

“I was looking at other schools but I looked at Ole Miss and it’s just where I wanted to be,” Covington said. “I’m going pre-med there and I’m excited. The people are really funny, I like the environment, the campus is really pretty and game days at the “grove,” which is the tailgate area, are fun. It’s really where I want to be.”

Ari Levy, a residential senior, has applied to a handful of colleges.

“I’ve applied to six colleges,” Levy said. “Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, Wisconsin, Purdue and Alabama. My top choices are UGA and Georgia Tech.”

The college process was stressful for Levy before and after applying to colleges.

“It was a lot of stress because I procrastinated,” Levy said, “but now that it is over I’m just waiting to hear back on results and I’m just worried.”

Isla McLaughlin, a residential senior, is also in the middle of the college process.

“I have applied to ten colleges,” McLaughlin said. “I’ve heard back from LSU and Appalachian State. My top choice is UNC Chapel Hill.”

McLaughlin, similarly to Covington, began her college process early.

“I started early and so I made it a lot easier for myself this year,” McLaughlin said. “Starting early really helped with the whole college process and made things a lot easier.”

McLaughlin believes that being a dorm student has helped prepare her for college.

“I feel prepared because I am a boarding student,” McLaughlin said. “I’m basically doing everything a college student would be doing.”

Anthony Natarella, a day senior, has also stayed on top of the college process.

“I have applied to Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Northeastern and Clemson,” Natarella said.

A challenge within Natarella’s college application process was the supplemental essays.

“There was a lot of writing essays. Just about every night I was writing an essay or perfecting one,” Natarella said. “[The most challenging part was] managing sports, essays, and schoolwork.”

Naterella says that he is ready for college and feels prepared.

“I feel pretty prepared,” Natarella said. “I think once I get there I’m going to be fine. I’ll have the tools that I need to get along.”

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