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All About Spanish Club


Spanish Honors Society new Inductees (2022)

The Spanish Club meets once a month during club period. They influence student life by participating in different school activities and hope to bring more awareness to Hispanic culture.

The Spanish Club participates in a multitude of activities celebrating Spanish culture.

“So we do different things, usually we have an agenda that the executive council put together and then sometimes we are planning for an event, preparing an advisory or we are doing a thing for the chapel service, sometimes we are doing something like dancing Salsa,” Spanish Club sponsor Kimi Pichardo said. “We share and plan for different cultural Spanish activities. It is extra exposure to Spanish and Latin culture. It is also extra practice with language and practicing speaking Spanish.”

Senior Jennifer Hughes, who has been a part of the Spanish Club since her sophomore year, has participated in a handful of activities presented by the Spanish Club.

“We do a lot of different things,” Hughes said.  “We have learned different hispanic or latino dances. We have watched movies, we have done art, and we have had different treats from spanish-speaking cultures.”

The Spanish Club members look forward to new ideas. 

“Eventually we would like to engage with the community outside of Darlington,” Pichardo said,  “and maybe do some service opportunities and some different things to connect with other Latin/ Hispanic populations in Rome.” 

The Spanish Club also helps out on occasion during chapel.

“The other day, we actually celebrated Dia de los Muertos,” senior Maya Pandya said. “The four executive Spanish Club members, we talked in chapel and told everybody about Dia de los Muertos while some students in Spanish honors built an altar, which is a big symbol for Dia de los Muertos.”

Being in the Spanish Club is a requirement for students who would like to join the Spanish Honors Society; a society that is currently being rebuilt.

“That is something we have to reinvent because we had it in the past and the person who was the sponsor for that, Mr. Owens, moved to a different school last year and so we are trying to get that restarted,” Pichardo said. “But none of us are experts in the Spanish Honor Society so we are trying to maintain that moving forward.” 

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