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Fall for The Arts

Friday, Oct. 20 was the annual Fall for The Arts event. A teacher and two students tell their thoughts on the event.


Art teacher Kathy O’Mara talks about her thoughts on the Fall of The Arts special day. “I really loved it,” O’Mara said. “We’ve been doing this every year.”

The students had three activities that they could take part in. There was a dancing workshop, a saving workshop and a songwriting workshop. 

“I really enjoyed the performances in the Student Center,” O’Mara said. “I loved our mural and I love that this was only the first of three events that we are going to have.”

O’Mara says that there is going to be another event in the winter and one in the spring. 

“I think that the event was successful,” O’Mara said. “I want more faculty to be involved and I want more of our students to discover us.” 

This year, different students participated at the Fall of the Arts. One of them was Linda Pan, a student from China who is in her Junior year at Darlington.

“This year, Fall of the Arts was really interesting,” Pan said.  “We had a bunch of different activities, including performance.” 

There were three activities: Dance workshop, songwriting workshop and saving workshop. Linda took part in the dance workshop.

“We learned a part of a dance, and it was really fun,” Pan said. “This event is aimed to engage people in the arts because students are required to have at least one year of fine arts education here at Darlington. I think this is a really good chance for everyone to participate in the arts.”

Pan admired many aspects of the event.

“The thing that I liked the most was the performing,” Pan said. “I performed with Darlingtones, one of my friends, and another time, so in total I performed three times.”

Eleventh grader Mily James recalls her own experience with the Fall of The Arts event.

“I thought that the event was really fun,” James said. “I thought that all the projects were interesting. It was a successful event; the performances were definitely the highlight of the day.”

James participated in the mural activity.

“It was really fun,” James said. “It was an interesting way to express more traditional art and I think it looks really good.”

The goal of the event was to bring out the art culture more and share that with the school.

“I think that this school is more focused on celebrating the sports,” James said, “so this definitely brings more highlight and recognition for the arts.”

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