Last day of uniforms


As the school year comes to an end, the seniors are preparing for college. One tradition at Darlington is for the senior girls to decorate their skirts in the colors of the colleges that they are going to attend. The girls paint, color and print pictures on the skirts. The boys wear their college t-shirts with their khaki shorts. This is considered the last day of uniforms for the seniors.

 “I am going to Georgia Tech. I was so excited to show off my new school’s colors. I thought that it was so cool seeing everybody’s skirts,” senior Shayali Patel said. “I just painted my skirt. I didn’t have time to print something out. There is a pretty big group of us going to Tech, so I loved seeing a lot of us wearing the same thing.”

Senior Joey Kight decided to decorate his shorts as well.

“I thought it looked cool, and it was an easier way of remembering rather than taking pictures,” Kight, who will attend Coastal Carolina University, said. “I used acrylic paint to draw waves on my shorts, even though I’m studying engineering.”