TikTok-Mania: Viral app takes over Darlington


A growing obsession around the world, TikTok has reached Darlington, where students enjoy the newest trendy dance or laugh at a fifteen-second video.

Students shared their opinions of the popular app, some of them loving it and others hating it.

“I have had TikTok since January 2020. I downloaded it because a girl of my grade had TikTok at first,” freshman Sassy Neuman said. “My favorite TikTok account is probably my own because it’s cool and it’s very vibey. Personally, I think those TikToks where it’s like the little animal in the scooters are really funny. For me TikTok is awful, but I can not stop because it’s really fun and enjoyable, it’s a rabbit hole.” 

Junior Link Lignell spends a lot of his free time on the app.

“I have had TikTok since 2019,” Lignell said. “I don’t post often, I have three posts on my page, I prefer watching TikTok … TikTok is a good app because it keeps my attention going for a long time, I spend so much time on it.” 

TikTok took the boredom out of the quarantine season. The app had more than 200 million downloads from people all over the world, including sophomore Oscar Cathelin.

“I downloaded TikTok in quarantine because it was really popular,” Cathelin said. “I usually spend like two or three hours there, depending if I have soccer practice or homework. Depends on what you like, the app could be beneficial or not because I made my ‘for you’ page so it takes all the stupid things away. In my ‘for you’ page, I have fashion trends and soccer.”

Junior Olivia Tapias Fernandez also has had TikTok for a long time.

“I had Musical.ly, that was the old TikTok, so at least like five years,” Tapias Fernandez said. “I prefer making TikToks, I do them as a joke, nothing serious, but they are so fun to make with my friends. My favorite TikToker is definitely Rodger Cleye. It’s a guy who sings songs, and the people make edits of him singing.”

Some people are against TikTok, however.

“I had TikTok four years ago, but I deleted it,” freshman Andres Morales Struck said, “because with time, I realized that it’s a very addictive app. It sets unrealistic standards, and it’s a hot spot for hate, cyberbullying.”

On the other hand, some people think that TikTok is a very beneficial app.

“I learn many life hacks, dances, trending songs,” sophomore Jace Hatcher said. “You also keep up-to-date with everything that happens on a daily basis, whether it is nonsense or important things, and I get a good laugh every time I get on the app.”