Ted Gardner ’19: On Island Time


Senior Ted Gardner arrived at Darlington in 2015 for the start of his freshman year. Being from the Bahamas, the journey to Rome, Georgia involved a lot of changes.

“My biggest challenge was leaving my country and family to come to school. Darlington has changed my life by expanding my understanding of the world outside of the Bahamas.  I have met all kinds of people from around the world, and it has given me many more options when it comes to college,” Gardner said.

Gardner found solace through football during his transition, being voted as the Most Improved Player by his teammates for the 2018 season.

“I don’t really have a hobby, but my favorite thing to do is play football and workout.  Football taught me discipline, determination, and loyalty,” Gardner said.

In addition to playing football, Gardner was also involved with baseball at home in the Bahamas.

“I played baseball for most of my childhood in the Junior Baseball League of Nassau.  My dad was my coach for most of my time playing, and my main position was the catcher,” Gardner said.

Coming to Darlington was a major adjustment for Gardner, but he realizes now the benefits this transition has brought.

“My dad came to Darlington, and it was always the plan to send me here at some point. My life was always centered around my family, but it changed when I got the option to come to Darlington because my whole life was in the Bahamas, and I couldn’t imagine leaving my friends and family to come here, but now I realize that it was the greatest decision of my life,” Gardner said.

Gardner plans to attend the University of Mississippi with an intended major of Business Management.