Alli Hagler ’19: Acing Her Way Through High School


Senior volleyball player, Alli Hagler, has been accepted to Rhodes College and plans to continue her love of volleyball on a college level. Though Hagler knows she wants to pursue her passion for volleyball in college, she is still unsure of what she wants to do as a career.

“Last year, I did want to be a doctor without borders which still sounds so sick, but I’m not really a science person. I definitely want to do something that works with people whether that be communications or psychology or even teaching. I’m not sure, I just like talking,” Hagler said.

In addition to being a team member of the volleyball team, Hagler is also a prefect in the Cooper dorm.

“It’s crazy to think of a time when I wasn’t loud or extraverted because that’s who I am right now, just out there and extra. During my freshman year, I was very shy and insecure. I didn’t want to talk anybody that I didn’t have to. However, I saw my brother doing stuff in the dorms and that he was doing well,” Hagler said. “So, I challenged myself and put myself out there [in the dorms] so it’s really helped me learn to put myself out there and how to hold a conversion. I know how to be a leader and do those steps in life that you have to do as an adult like doing job interviews, time management, and organizing. I’ve grown into the person that I am through the dorms.”

In Hagler’s senior speech, she spoke of re-adjusting her focus to what benefitted her as person and student.

“I realized pretty early on that I’m not the student that I saw everybody around me as and through the dorms, I realized who I was. I am loud and extra. So, I started going for stuff that complimented my personality,” Hagler said. “Doing so helped me grow because I was focusing on stuff that I was good at instead of trying to chase things that I knew would not benefit me as a whole. I’m not saying this is for everybody; there are some people who are good in the classroom. Find what you’re good at and run with it. Obviously, work hard in every aspect, but focus on what makes you, you.”

Hagler advises the underclassman not to spend their time waiting for graduation.

“Your time here at Darlington is really short, even though it may feel long and boring and schoolwork can overwhelm you. Once you start counting down the months until you graduate, it’s really real. Enjoy the little things and appreciate what you have here. You’re going to leave here soon, and you want to leave knowing you took advantage of every opportunity you had,” Hagler said.