Cam Watson ’19: Kickin’ It Out


Senior Cam Watson faced a big change in coming to Darlington. Growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Watson arrived in small-town Rome, Georgia for the start of his junior year.

“In Fayetteville, I went to Terry Sanford High School. I always made pretty good grades but I wasn’t gaining the knowledge and abilities essential to being successful in college. My parents and I decided that it was time to make a change, so we started looking at some alternate schools,” Watson said. “Smith Wheeler’s mom suggested Darlington to my mom, and so she looked into it and that’s how I ended up here. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far in my life.”

Watson has two siblings, Davis who is 16 and arrived at Darlington for his sophomore year, and Maggy who is 14 and still lives in North Carolina with the rest of his family.

“My biggest challenge was probably having to leave my parents. I hadn’t been away from them for more than a week before, so moving schools, especially in a whole new state, was for sure hard,” Watson said.

Watson is a two year varsity starter for the football team, playing outside linebacker and tight end.

“Playing for the football team has opened a lot of doors for me, and I have enjoyed making friends and forming a brotherhood with those guys,” Watson said.

Watson also feels that Darlington has prepared him academically for the future.

“I have learned how to juggle things like my studies, playing sports, spending good time with my girlfriend and friends. I think that will do me well in the future, especially in college. Some kids don’t know how to manage their time and that’s ultimately how they end up struggling in school,” Watson said. “Finding a good balance is vital, and I feel like I have developed the ability to do that from being here.”

Looking forward, Watson wishes to continue his athletic interest at a higher level.

“For college, I was just given an opportunity to play football at Furman, so I think that’s where I will be going,” Watson said.

Watson offers encouragement to underclassmen and those who may be struggling with being away from home, having learned these lessons for himself here at Darlington.

“Make friends, enjoy, and make the best out of the experience. Making friends can help to eliminate the homesick feeling. Also, bear down and really focus on your dreams, and what you want to accomplish and the sky will be the limit for any of you guys,” Watson said.