Maggie Inman ’19: Singing Her Way to Broadway


Cellist, actress and singer Maggie Inman ‘19 has been in the arts program for as long as she can remember. Inman began singing and acting when she was four. She began learning the cello when she was six, but fell in love with it her freshman year.

“I just really love music and it’s something that I’m good at so i just kind of take in stride and i do it because I love it,” said Inman. “It’s something that I’m passionate about and I know that I can express myself with it and I’m very comfortable with.”

Inman is the leader of the Darlingtones, the girls’ acapella group, and hopes to see it blossom with the freshmen class of 2022.

“I really think the freshman this year will pick it up and run with [Darlingtones]. They’re all so talented and we really don’t have any sophomores that are interested in art so think the freshmen are a good revival of the fine arts and music program this year.”

In the future, she hopes to pursue acting in New York City.

“After I finish affordable college I’ll probably skip out and do the broke New York young person on the streets thing to see if I can make anything of it. I’ll eat Spaghetti O’s every night literally in the sewer, anywhere I can get a roof over my head. I want to do broadway because I don’t like the commercialism of everything now,” said Inman.

Shelley Daniel, Theatre Director, has been working with Inman for four years and has watched Inman bloom in this side of the arts.

“[Inman] dives 100 percent into every role she gets, she is so passionate and creative and spunky. When she attacks a role, she attacks it head on. She wants notes, constructive criticism, and she wants you to push her as far as you can push her,” said Inman. “I think she likes it when you push her into those places she thinks she can’t go or that she’s not capable of going. She tries to bite off as much as she can chew and stretch her potential as far as she can.”

As Inman’s intimidation turned into passion, she hopes others will rise above their fears as well.

“If there is something that you want to do but you’re too afraid then just do it. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Like you’ll regret it after? You couldn’t regret it that much I promise. Just give it a shot, at least, don’t be afraid to go out and do it. That’s my tea,” said Inman.