Hillary Tunnell ’18


Grace Lester, Managing Editor

Senior Hillary Tunnell, who will attend University of Tennessee in the fall, became involved with school activities, such as working in the dorm, and found it very rewarding during her time in school as they helped her break out of her shell.


As a leader in Regester house since her sophomore year, Tunnel was proud of her house for winning RUMPUS this year.


“Winning RUMPUS would definitely be [a highlight of] this year because we definitely put a lot into it so it was just so great to finally win after trying so hard for multiple years,” Tunnell said.


Tunnell works as head prefect for Regester dorm where she has worked since her sophomore year.


“It really helped me to break out of my shell, and I would have been a lot of more shy if I hadn’t had [applied for the position],” Tunnell said.  “There is a whole other side of the school that you don’t really think about if you’re not involved with the dorms and I would have completely missed out on that so I’m really glad that got involved.”

In addition to working in dorms, Tunnell has enjoyed being in every spring musical throughout high school. Her favorite musical was Little Shop of Horrors.


“It was my favorite because of the time era that the musical took place in. The music from that era, the 60s, is my favorite style,” Tunnell said.


After thinking about the struggles of high school, Tunnell advised underclassmen to not sweat the small stuff.


“Don’t stress about every little thing because that’s something that I did a lot. When you get to senior year you realize that none of the little things matter like if you fail a quiz or mess up one assignment isn’t going to matter and you’re going to forget about it,” Tunnell said. “So, my advice would be to not pick apart every little thing that you do and everything you do wrong because you’ll forget about it.”