The Disaster Artist Review


Abby Sklar, Editor-in-Chief

The Disaster Artist is the story of Tommy Wiseau, a wannabe filmmaker, and his best friend, Greg Sestero. After much struggling to break into the acting business in San Francisco, Wiseau and Sestero move to Los Angeles. After being rejected from many roles in LA, they decide to make their own movie. Wiseau writes, directs, edits and stars in his own movie, The Room, which has become a notoriously bad cult classic.


James Franco does a great job in portraying this terrible movie. There are times throughout The Disaster Artist where I thought to myself, “this movie is terrible.” But then, I remembered that it was supposed to be. This movie beautifully shows how terribly weird the original The Room is, all while being extremely entertaining and hilarious.


Though this is a movie about a movie, it is also a movie about the importance of friendship. The friendship between Wiseau and Sestero was beautifully done. They are there for each other, even when things are crazy around them. Throughout the movie, they support each other, even when others are skeptical.


This movie was really well done and pays homage to one of the weirdest movie ever made. It was fascinating to see the behind the scenes of a movie like The Room and see the beginnings of what has become a cult classic. James Franco does a great job in portraying Tommy Wiseau, from his mannerisms to his accent.


The Disaster Artist was a pretty great movie about a terrible movie, and it accomplished this much better that I was expecting. I found myself laughing and cringing at Wiseau’s antics throughout the movie, and I was extremely entertained for the duration of the film. I would give this movie a 3.5/5.