Anabelle Scarborough ’18: Looking Into The Future

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Anabelle Scarborough ’18: Looking Into The Future

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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Anabelle Scarborough has taken her passions for art and embraced them throughout her high school career.


Coming to Darlington and living on campus, Scarborough reflects on some of her favorite moments.


“For me, my most memorable memory would probably be my freshman year and coming to Darlington for the first time and like meeting new people from all around the country. Living at Darlington is really eye-opening,” Scarborough said.


Using her talent and passions for the arts, Scarborough has made sure that she is involved with every aspect Darlington has to offer.


“I’ve been involved in the Inkslinger for three years and the Darlingtones. I’ve played the violin for the past four years, Tiger Experts for the past two years and dorm prefect in Thornwood,” Scarborough said.


Spending four years as a residential student, the faculty members have become very influential people in Scarborough’s life.


“Probably Ms. Daniel, she’s like super strong of a woman, and I really love her. Mr. Holmes, he’s super nice and caring and does a great job in the dorm. Ms. Lawson, she’s really nice, and I babysit her kids sometimes,” Scarborough said.


With all of her involvement in clubs and organizations, Scarborough has some good advice for the underclassmen.


“My advice is to get involved, as early as you can, because no one told me when I first came here to be involved, and I just tried to do as many things I can. It is a good experience too,” Scarborough said.


One of Scarborough’s main passions is dance. Both she and her sister are dancers and was influenced by her family members.


“I’ve always danced growing up, and my mom was a dancer, and she inspired me and my sister. At my old studio, I was on a competition team, and we competed a lot, and it was very difficult,” Scarborough said. “But then I saw it as a passion in middle school and stuck to it, and I’m really proud I’m going to high school with more artistic how to dance and creation and the creative process of dance too.”


With Scarborough’s senior year coming to a close, she thinks about where she will move to next.


“I’m not really sure quite yet where I’m going to college, but probably in the next few months, I’ll know,” Scarborough said. “I want to study dance and business, hopefully in a city.”


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