Rainey Scarborough ’18: Dancing Through Life

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Rainey Scarborough ’18: Dancing Through Life

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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During senior Rainey Scarborough’s four years, she has been heavily involved in performing arts and programs that Darlington has to offer.


Being at Darlington since the ninth grade, Scarborough has had some fond memories that she will not forget from her freshman year.


“Definitely the first day I came here, freshman year, and I moved into Cooper House, and I met a bunch of my closest friends, who I’ve been friends with throughout my four years here. I remember before I came to Darlington, a bunch of people reached out to me, which was really nice, so I knew people coming in,” Scarborough said.


Scarborough has learned to take every opportunity that comes her way and has been actively a part of many organizations and clubs throughout the years.


“At Darlington, I’ve been a part of the Winter Musical through my entire four years, and that’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had here because I get to stay close with people and I get to sing, act and dance and do things I love,” Scarborough said. “I’ve also been a part of the Big/Little Sister Program, which organizes events for the girls’ houses, and Tiger Experts, Inkslinger and Darlingtones.”


She has had a lot of different mentors during her years, but there are a few that really have had a significant influence on her passions such as theatre and dance.


“The Heads of Houses like Mrs. Babb and Mr. Holmes have been really influential people, and they really are always there for you when you need it, “ Scarborough said. “Also, Ms. Daniel, she’s such an inspiration for everyone in the musical, and she’s such a great person. and a wonderful director. She loves the arts and is dedicated to the arts like music or acting. Stuff like that really inspired me to do well here.”


Growing up around the arts, she has taken a significant liking to dance.


“I didn’t decide to do it until I was around 12-13, my mom was a ballet dancer, and my grandma was a chorus teacher, so I always had the arts growing up,” Scarborough said. “I really appreciated them these past five years. I think it’s a great outlet to express yourself, it’s a lot of fun to be with the people I dance with. You can do a lot of different styles, so it’s really fun.”


Since Scarborough is a Tiger Expert and a mentor in the Big/Little Sister program, she has tons of advice for the underclassmen.


“My advice is to get involved and do things you wouldn’t normally do. I never thought I’d do musicals or clubs. Definitely, make the most out of it, talk to a lot of people, and do a lot of things, so you don’t look back on high school and be like ‘I wish I did that’,” Scarborough said.


With fewer than 100 days left of her senior year, Scarborough has started thinking about what her plans are.


“I’m not really sure where I’m going yet,  but I really hope to be in New York at some point in my life,  because I love New York City, hopefully for college,” Scarborough said. “I really hope to double major probably in dance, or something along the lines of English or History, or necessarily do with the arts like incorporating dance or business or marketing or photography, you know, something that’s artistic and all sorts of expression.”


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