RUMPUS 2018: Lip Sync

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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  • Summerbell finishes up their routine.

  • Summerbell boys group together while dancing along to their Wild West theme.

  • Senior Nolan Wilson plays a violin.

  • Cooper House huddles up and stares into the audience while doing their "Cheetah Girls" routine.

  • The Cooper girls throw up their jazz hands.

  • The Thornwood girls gather together as passengers on a plane.

  • The Thornwood girls all group together as a part of their routine.

  • The Thornwood girls smile at the audience.

  • Senior Alan Shorey dances along with Moser House.

  • Seniors Hillary Tunnell and Morgan Adams dance along to a boxing anthem during Regester's routine.

  • Senior Morgan Adams stands as the Regester girls finish their routine.

  • The Regester girls stand as they finish their routine.

  • Junior Ben Doig dances while members of Neville House dances to the music playing.

  • Senior Long Nguyen walks across chairs during Summerbell's routine.

  • Summerbell stands on tables while dancing to their music.

  • Senior Ellison Brewster stands proudly as a flight attendant for Thornwood Airlines.

  • Junior Marissa Joseph portrays a passenger on the plane in her solo during the Thornwood routine.

  • The Thornwood girls dance in a line.

  • Moser House starting their second routine.

  • Moser celebrates their final performance by throwing their hats in the air.

  • The Regester girls huddle up together with sunglasses as a part of their routine.

  • Freshman Tanya Maples stands with sophomores Lillian Li and Belle Zhu.

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