RUMPUS 2018: Gauntlet

Marissa Joseph, Managing-Editor

Day three of RUMPUS began with the Gauntlet, which took place across the Huffman Athletic Facilities. The gauntlet teams from each house were divided into two teams, each taking turns completing athletic tasks.


“The wheelbarrow race was the hardest event because after running a really long time to get to Mr. Evans, you had to work with a partner and the turf really hurt our hands. I kept falling on my hands and face,” senior Aisling Fields (Thornwood) said.


There were many obstacles for those running Gauntlet, and it was a true test of physical endurance with events ranging from cup stacking to picking up tennis balls.


“I thought we did well. It wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be, but the cold killed us,” senior Nicko Clarke (Neville) said.


Thornwood and Moser won the event, followed by Regester and Neville, and last Cooper and Summerbell.


“It was a lot of fun and the energy around the event made it really enjoyable. I really liked running with my friends and completing all types of tasks during the event,” junior Gui Peloggia (Moser) said.