Pitch Perfect 3 Review


Grace Lester, Managing Editor

Pitch Perfect 3: Last Call Pitches, the final movie of the Pitch Perfect series, begins by showing the bellas separated and in their unimpressive jobs since graduating Barden University. The bellas are called for a reunion and find themselves on one last tour.


Within the first ten minutes, it is established that several members of the original cast will not be appearing in the movie. For Pitch Perfect 3 not to have all the full cast as they did in Pitch Perfect 2 was a little disappointing.


The overall plot of the movie was weak and over stretched as most third movies are made to be. However, the script writers were able to keep the humor alive and elaborate the relationship between Fat Amy and Beca.


I would suggest this movie to anyone in need of an airy movie and some light chuckles. Pitch Perfect 3 places a 2.5/5 on my chart.