Caroline Cordell ’18: Bittersweet

Caroline Cordell 18: Bittersweet

Caroline Cordell has spent her entire life here in the Darlington community, and it is sadly coming to an end.


“It’s exciting because I get to finally be in an environment where I don’t know everyone and not everyone knows me, it’s kind of refreshing, like getting a new start. But it’s a little bit sad cause I’ve grown up with these people so a lot is about to change and that could be scary,” said Cordell.


Her learning experiences have been very personal inside and outside the classroom with learning different perspectives of life.


“My experience has been very enriching, just in every aspect. Academically it has been because I’ve gotten to take classes with so many different people and cultures so in and outside the classroom is like you’re learning so much. I have gotten to be in a US history class with people from six different countries around the world.”


She has had some very unforgettable teachers and carries their lessons through her high school career.


“I think one of the most impactful teachers I ever had was Mrs. Major. Mostly because she scared me into getting a good grade first. She also put grades into perspective for me and I was very focused on the grade rather my actual experience of learning and how I grew in the classroom,” Cordell said. “She taught me how to work hard and also draw the line between stressing out too much and not stressing out enough.I still carry stuff that she taught me in eighth grade throughout high school now.”


As she has met so many people in her life here at Darlington, a great childhood friend has made a special impact on her life.


“I have to say Ellison. I have grown up with her (Ellison) since the beginning so she has seen it all. She has made a great impact on me just because, she’s someone I look up to and do life with. I love her,” she said.


She has made it her task to bring a positive energy to everyone that she has made contact with.


“When I leave I hope that people would have seen me as someone who at least tried to be nice to everyone. I’m a people person, like, I know that deep down, so I just hope that’s being communicated to people that I’ve done that well enough.”


Cordell has loved every experience here at Darlington even though dealing with outside influences of following a different academic path.


“It’s always a temptation to be like top of my class at a different public high school or I could be in the middle of my class here when I’m working my butt off with two APs. I don’t regret staying at all, I never really wanted to leave, but the academics are definitely challenging.”