Ishani Desai ’18


Abby Sklar, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Ishani Desai has been involved in nearly every facet of the Darlington community. From the classroom to the dorms to the court, Desai has taken advantage of all Darlington has to offer.


While Desai has been involved in many extracurriculars, she has enjoyed tennis the most.


“I have been involved with Spanish Club, Science Club, yearbook and tennis,” Desai said. “While I enjoy them all, tennis has definitely meant the most to me because I have been playing since middle school and have had wonderful experiences with my teammates and different coaches.”


Tennis has offered Desai great memories and great friends over the years.


“My favorite memory at Darlington is reaching the Final Four in state for tennis during my sophomore year,” Desai said. “I enjoyed every minute of it and gave my all at every game and practice, which in turn made the experiences all the more fun, meaningful, and memorable. I also formed amazing new relationships, strengthened my friendships, and really bonded with all of my teammates and my coaches.”


Desai has also enjoyed her time in Regester, which she says is like “being a part of a second family.”


“I am always open to meeting new people and having random conversations, and Regester House has provided me with a great platform to establish new friendships and learn about people from various countries and cultures; some of my closest friends today are dorm students who I never expected to get to know that well,” Desai said.


One of the few regrets that Desai has had during her high school experience is that she wishes she had made more time for visual arts.


“Painting is something that has always meant a lot to me because of my passion for it, and I wish I would have realized how much I would miss it if I didn’t take a course that would give me time in my schedule to do it,” Desai said. “However, with iPeriods since my junior year, I have been able to be involved in various artistic activities like calligraphy, painting and coloring, which has been amazing.”