Haunted at Dar


Grace Lester, Managing editor

Over the years, campus grounds have collected many stories and memories, but sometimes people just can’t let go. Some faculty members have experienced paranormal instances on campus.


“So what is now the Cooper house, my family was living there and at the time Ian, my oldest son, was probably about four or five. We had heard that there was a ghost in that apartment and I really wanted to see her,” IT coordinator Rebekah Kinney said.


The ghost was said to have long blonde hair, wear a white gown and love to sing.


“Some people had apparently researched this fact and discovered when Darlington was actually a park, a girl had drowned in the lake and had similar characteristics. They always felt like this was her ghost,” Kinney said.


She loved to stay in the backroom of the apartment.


“One night I was in the backroom laying in bed with Ian and I was reading him a story. All of the sudden between the bed and the wall, there was a little crack, and she just came out of the side. She looked right at me put her finger up to her mouth and went ‘shh’ and disappeared,” Kinney said.


Kinney never mentioned the ghost to Ian, yet he often complained about a little girl who kept him up at night wanting to play.


“The people in there before us, did have two small girls and their girls said the same thing. Their girls stayed in that backroom and they said that the girl would come out all the time,” Kinney said.


Though Kinney never saw the girl again, items such as her hair brush would go missing often.


“It would frequently go missing from time to time, and I always kept in the same drawer. I would look around the house and then go back to the places I knew I had searched and there it would be,” Kinney said.


The ghost is believed to be a kind spirit and never did anything weird.


“Stuff like that would just be fun and didn’t bother me at all,” Kinney said.