RUMPUS 2017: Dodgeball

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On day one of RUMPUS, a energetic game of Dodgeball took place in the Van Es Arena.


Brother and sister houses (Thornwood and Neville, Regester and Moser, Cooper and Summerbell) competed together through each round of eliminations.


The first round included a match up between Thornwood/Neville and Regester/Moser. The boys and girls of Thornwood/Neville had a miraculous recovery from an original upset in the beginning of the heated match.


“It felt great, like it felt like all eyes were on us,” Thornwood dorm student Aaryn Ijames said.


After a second round between Cooper/Summerbell and Regester/Moser, Regester/Moser came back from their defeat with a big win.


“I felt very relieved and achieved, and it gave me hope that the dream team will come back again,” Regester day student Jamila Wood said.


In the end, reigning champs Summerbell and their sister house Cooper took won overall, earning six points.


The results are as follows:



3.Regester, and Cooper




Summerbell has now placed first overall. The next event will be the Relay Race beginning in the cove at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow.


Many were shocked at the outcome of tonight, but there is still another full day of the games.


“I don’t know how Summerbell won; they are all so small! But we will see at lipsync tomorrow,” Moser dorm student Andre Mbakwe said.