2017 Rumpus Theme Reveal


Abby Sklar

Thornwood reveals their Rumpus theme Thornwood Football League.

Marissa Joseph , Reporter

On Jan. 9, students gathered for assembly in the Chapel and watched the leaders of Thornwood, Moser, Neville, Summerbell, Cooper, and Regester reveal each house’s 2017 Rumpus theme. Cooper saved the day with their theme of Super Heroes as Head Prefect, senior Bernadette Ebri, flew into the chapel. Summerbell had the crowd sweating and grooving with their theme Summerbell Night Fever. Regester marched to the beat of their own drum as they revealed their theme to be Army. Moser has everyone on the look out for the suspect in their Cops and Robbers theme reveal. If you happen to spot the robber, snapchat a picture to @moser_house for a chance to win a Chick -Fil-a gift card. Thornwood had some football players feeling Friday Night Lights nostalgia when they announced their theme Thornwood Football League. The assembly closed with every eight to eighteen year old’s favorite super heroes, The Neville Power Rangers. Be sure to use the hashtag #Rumpus2017 for all your Rumpus posts, and follow @TheDarNews for the official score throughout Rumpus.