Mohammed Al-Asfour ’17: Ready For a Limitless Future


Marissa Joseph

Senior Mohammed Al-Asfour enjoying some free time in the cove with friends.

Marissa Joseph, Reporter

With an open mind going into the college admission process, senior Mohammed Al-Asfour is eager to explore the endless possibilities for his future. He is appreciative of the memories made at Darlington and the lessons learned, but his eyes are set on graduation and his next chapter.

“I can’t wait for graduation,” Al-Asfour said. “It’s the end and a new beginning, and I’m ready to do it all over again.”

Being that Al-Asfour was not involved in any extra-curricular activities at Darlington, he had a sufficient amount of free time to create lasting moments with his classmates.

“One of my favorite memories from high school would be making friends, “ he said. “We did a lot of fun stuff. The friends I made here will last forever.”

Indeed, it is the little things that made Al-Asfour’s Darlington experience so special.

“The smell, the dorms have a special smell. Every dorm I enter has a special smell,” said Al-Asfour. “It will be weird walking into a new dorm, and it not smelling like Moser”

As for the future, he is still exploring his options for college. Unsure of what comes next, Al-Asfour is hopeful that he will find a college that makes him feel at home the way he has in his past three years at Darlington.

“Maybe I’ll go to Europe, I don’t know,” he said. “I want to be a pilot. I like the suit and they have a lot of buttons”

Al-Asfour is grateful for all he has learned at Darlington. He believes he is more prepared for the future because of being a tiger. Academically Darlington has helped Al-Asfour gain a strong foundation, but his most important lessons have been out side the class room.

“They prepared me to deal with people, dealing with people is a big part,” said Al-Asfour. “I’ve had to learn to work with people who I might not get a long with.”