Review of Demi Lovato’s Confident


Demi Lovato has definitely found her confidence and is sharing it with the world. She proudly put “Confident” as her first track on the album entitled Confident. As most of the world knows, Demi has been dealing with body-shaming since she was a little girl. She has recently found light and confidence and is ready to share it. Track two, “Cool for the Summer”, was her first single off the album released back in the beginning of July which was a huge hit and a great come back since her last album was released in 2013. Track three “Old Ways” is a song relating back to her addiction ways and how she is far over it.

“For You”, track four, is a dramatically beautiful song and it really shows off Demi’s voice. Track five, “Stone Cold” is just as beautifully sang as the last, feeding from the same feeling of heartbreak. Track six, “Kingdom Come” features Iggy Azalea who has asked Demi to be her one of her bride’s maids in her wedding. This song is definitely more upbeat compared to the last two songs on the album.

“Waitin’ for You” (ft. Sirah), track seven, talks about the frustration Demi holds about girls gossiping and talking behind someone’s back when they have a problem with someone else. Track eight, “Wildfire”, is a very repetitive song; however, it is beautifully written. Track nine, “Lionheart” is another beautiful song talking about how we each hold a lion heart inside of us, and how powerful we each are. This song is actually my favorite off the album, and I think the song beautifully shows off Demi’s voice in very aspect.

“Yes”, Demi’s tenth track, is what she hopes to be someone’s wedding song because it talks about commitment to someone by giving them their everything. “Yes” is essentially saying, “I do.” Track eleven is very personal song written by Demi about her dad called “Father”. The song itself sounds conflicting with the lyrics “sometimes I think I hate you” and “I hope Heaven’s given you a second chance.”  She says, again in her interview, that her father was abusive due to his mental illness, so he never really got a chance to be a better man which she knew he wanted to be.

Overall, I think this a very beautiful and fun album that holds a lot of personal songs for Demi. She did a great job writing and picking out songs for the album. I think all her songs will do well in the charts and that she will go far with Confident.