Daddy’s Home 2 Review


Daddy’s Home 2 is the sequel to 2015’s Daddy’s Home, which introduces us to father and stepfather Dusty and Brad. At the end of Daddy’s Home, Dusty and Brad have worked through their issues and become “co-dads.” At the beginning of  Daddy’s Home 2, both Dusty’s and Brad’s dads are coming to their one big “together Christmas,” but Dusty’s dad insists that Dusty is a pansy and that they aren’t so happy being co-dads, so he plans a family trip in order to make Dusty and Brad fight.


I was extremely unimpressed with this movie. I was expecting light-hearted comedy similar to that of the original, but the sequel fell short. Daddy’s Home 2 featured very little genuine comedy, but had an excess of stupid shenanigans, not to mention that most of the big laughs can be found in the trailer.


One of the worst parts of the movie is Mel Gibson’s performance. Though he does have several funny one-liners, much of it is very hard to swallow as he speaks about how to be a good father and a woman’s place in society. As Gibson has a track record of misogyny and domestic violence many of his jokes seemed to fall flat since they hit a little too close to home. He can often be found leering at women and even suggests a form of sexual harassment to his grandson who is trying to pick up a girl.


Daddy’s Home 2 did not need Mel Gibson to make it a flop. Many of the other performances also seemed disingenuous and the plot was lacking. The plot had many holes and in the end became one of the cringiest things I have ever seen.


I would not recommend this movie. It was not funny or charming. I would rate Daddy’s Home 2 a 2/5 stars.