Triumph for the Trousers


Marissa Joseph

Junior Stacy Chen shows off her uniform pants.

Marissa Joseph, Reporter

It is now December, the temperature is dropping, the Starbucks lattes are brewing, and it’s time to stop being childish. You know it’s cold, I know it’s cold, and we both know those tube socks and leg warmers your grandma knitted for you are not doing the job.

Stop the foolishness.

I am tired of seeing bare chicken legs shaking in tiny khaki and plaid skirts, and I know you’re tired of having your leg hair standing at attention and shivering in tiny khaki and plaid skirts. So I am proposing a new era in uniform trends because, in the wise words of sophomore Beth-el Lewis, “If you’re cold, put some damn clothes on.”

Times are changing, and thanks to Hillary Clinton the power pantsuit is making a comeback. That isn’t just by coincidence; pants are practical, easy, and you don’t have to worry about Ms. Peek telling you they’re too short. I’ve heard the excuses, “Uniform pants aren’t fashionable” and “Khaki just isn’t my color.” Here is my rebuttal: the uniform pants are not cute, but if we all wear them together, there can be no judgement. We can all be warm and unstylish together. Besides, it’s school, not fashion week.

It is time that we throw away the negative connotations associated with wearing uniform pants. As an avid people watcher, I’ve seen the sideways glances and the eye rolls directed at the audacious few who decide to brave the cold with the aid of trousers, but these girls do not deserve judgement; they deserve applause.

The refusal to wear pants by upper school females is truly a reflection of the pressures society places on us as young women. Even in an academic setting, we feel like must conform to beauty standards, however, we can make a choice to free ourselves from this arctic imprisonment. I am challenging all upper school girls to free each other, so if you are tired of bracing the cold bared legged this winter, escape the cycle of restriction and break out a crisp pair of uniform pants.