Review of Ray Goren’s Songs For You

Review of Ray Gorens Songs For You

Ashley Hankinson, Reporter

Everyone loves an album that has a mixture of songs, but this album was all over the place.

This album throws listeners from one song full of upbeat, happy lyrics to another that sounds like the background music for ballet dancers.

Ray Goren is currently 15 years old, plays multiple instruments, and sings. He became a song writer and singer at the age of seven. His main producer is Steve Gordon, who has worked with some great names in music like Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson.

The first song of this album is entitled “Those Days”, and is by far the best song on this album (which isn’t saying much). “Those Days” is purposefully upbeat, but reminds me of a classically cheesy song from the ’60s.

“Light my Fire” follows on the album and is a song that mixes what you might in a fancy restaurant with head on rock n’ roll. This mixing may have worked in another time and space, but here they do not pair well, at all.

“Song for Me” is the worst song of this album because Goren attempts to speak to how much of a “bad boy” he is, which showcases inconsistency since his other songs detail how good he tends to act.

As far as “It’s on You”, it starts off elegantly, but in a way such as elevator music, and tells how he feels after/deals with a breakup. 

I would not listen to this album again because I felt like it was a simple album intended to create a “bad boy” persona for the artist, but failed, and instead seems like a bad copy of ’60s music.