Cum Laude Society 2019


J. Collins

On Thursday, April 25 in the Morris Chapel, 24 students, and one faculty member were inducted into the Darlington Chapter of the Cum Laude Society.

A select amount of seniors are inducted into the Cum Laude society each year. They must hold a 93 average for all four years and have completed eight Honors or AP courses during their career.

“Being inducted into the Cum Laude Society was such an honor,” senior Hayden Baldwin said. “I have always looked up to those who have been able to accomplish this and it has given me something to strive for throughout high school.”

For others, it meant to uphold the beliefs and expectations that are held upon those who were inducted.

“Being inducted into Cum Laude society in my senior year really means a lot to me,” senior Zenith Han said. “This was a great honor and an official recognition of my effort in the past four years.”

For some of the International students, being inducted into the society is a greater honor since it is not an award that is given in their home countries.

“It was a great honor being inducted into the Cum Laude Society, especially since we don’t have these kinds of things back home in Finland,” senior Nea Leppanen said.

Another aspect of the Darlington Chapter of the Cum Laude society is to uphold the honor and character that is ideal for those in the top 20 percent of the senior class.

“I will continue to achieve great things in the future with the character, knowledge, and courage for which I was inducted to the Cum Laude society,” Han said.