Erik Kand Leaves Darlington in a State of Mind

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Erik Kand Leaves Darlington in a State of Mind

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On April 6, hypnotist Erik Kand once again left Darlington students and faculty speechless. With the power of focus and the support of the audience, Kand managed to hypnotise 18 of our students into believing they were relaxing at the beach or meeting their favorite celebrity. Some claim they were faking it while some are chocked of what they did, letting their inner self out more comfortable than ever.

One of the students that was left surprised after Kand’s visit was junior Amber Fields. She was hypnotised and admits to not believing in it before, but has now changed her mind about it.

“It was a very interesting experience because I didn’t really believe that hypnosis was a legitimate thing, I thought it was fake and I thought that some people over exaggerated,” Fields said. “Personally, I don’t think I was faking it and I don’t really know how to explain it.”

While in the state of hypnosis, you are aware of what is happening, but in a more relaxed state of mind where you don’t really care what is going on around yourself.

“I was aware of what I was doing, but I was in a relaxed state to where I allowed myself to act as foolish as I was acting,” Fields said.

To other students sitting in the crowd, this was a really fun and unbelievable experience.

“The way he put everyone to sleep and made them do stuff they would never do if they were in a normal condition was incredible and very fun to watch!” senior Aylin Aytemiz said.

Although you have to be open minded and willing to become a victim of hypnotism, it was for some an experience they don’t necessarily want to have again.

“I don’t think I would wanna be hypnotized again. it was just this very weird feeling, and allowing someone to have that level of control over your mind is not something that I would keep on giving out – It was really weird,” Fields said.

However, if others are willing, it would be something the students from the crowd would love to see again.

“I wanna see something like this again – it was unbelievable!” Aytemiz said.