Light the Lake 2019


The 11th annual Light the Lake was hosted by the Community Service Leadership Team on March 30.

There were a lot of student performances which served as the entertainment.

Performing at Light the Lake was so much fun,” freshman Kathryn Davison said. “There were just the right amount of people there so it was really fun and not too stressful.”

The event served as a way for the entire community to come together to celebrate those whose lives were affected by cancer.

“I felt that Light The Lake was an amazing celebration of the lives that people connected to our Darlington community lived and the continued struggle of those still fighting cancer,” sophomore Angelina Laramie said.

Volunteers were able to participate to receive service hours. They could walk around the lake and track their laps to receive hours. Many volunteers opted to sell Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and to run the sign-in booth.

“A lot of behind the scenes work goes into Light the Lake, and I think I had at least five or six different spreadsheets and checklists!” junior Abby Burris said.

There are more activities than just walking around the lake during this event.

“When it all comes together, however, it’s amazing, friends are performing, you take walks around the lake, cute dogs are prowling around, and most importantly, everyone remembers and honors those in their lives touched by or battling cancer,” Burris said.