RUMPUS 2019: Gauntlet


The most physically challenging event of RUMPUS, Gauntlet, was even more grueling this year due to rain. Runners and watchers were kept on edge, prepared for any changes to be made. Gauntlet was cleared for safety despite the rain and mud.


As the race began, Thornwood lost a member to a sprained ankle. Sophomore Tanya Maples (Thornwood) did not hesitate to jump in place of the injured player.


Each house had two teams of six, including factually members, switching off to run to each course. Courses included leapfrog, army crawling through an obstacle course, wheel-barreling, and running piggy back.


Neville house finished first, followed by Moser. However, the two houses tied. As the remaining teams filed in, runners began to sing the Alma Mater. Summerbell came in last for boys’ house. Thornwood house placed first for girls. Cooper house placed second and Regester house came in last.


“It was amazing! During the entire race we had no idea what position we were in because there was so much confusion with the rain,” senior Guila Verzino (Thornwood). “The entire time we thought we were in last place but whenever we started singing the alma mater we realized that we were about to win and we were beyond happy.”