Clean, Old-Fashioned Politics

Clean, Old-Fashioned Politics

Each year on the first Tuesday in November, United States citizens have the opportunity to enact their sacred right to vote. This year’s elections is referred to as the “Midterm Elections” due to their being halfway through President Trump’s term. Such elections can oftentimes be overshadowed by the quadrennial Presidential elections, but for Georgians this year election season is equally important to prior elections.

The anticipation for this year’s midterm elections stems from the tight gubernatorial race between Democrat, Stacey Abrams, and Republican, Brian Kemp. The two are polar opposites on about every important issue such as health care, illegal immigration, and gun laws among many others.

Health care has been an issue nationwide for many years, but former President Obama’s policy on the issue seemed to bring it to the forefront of topics in Congress. Abrams’ and Kemp’s policies on health care, specifically Medicaid, differ quite a bit. Abrams would like to expand Medicaid and who receives it, while Kemp wants to minimize the recipients of the program.

Illegal immigration has been a hot topic where Democrats and Republicans arguably disagree the most. Cracking down on illegal immigration and creating a database to track people living here illegally in our state has been one of Kemp’s major points in his campaign as governor. Abrams on the other hand believes such actions would lead to a negative impact on our growing immigrant community that she believes helps our economy and state as a whole.

Where Abrams’ and Kemp’s views possibly differ the most is gun laws. Abrams would like to set more restrictions on gun, and require universal background checks on private sales of guns. Kemp believes there should be as few restrictions on guns as possibly while supporting “constitutional carry,” where gun owners may conceal and carry handguns without a permit. Kemp also opposes many gun free zones, while Abrams pushes for a repeal of  “campus carry” which allows students to carry firearms on college campuses.

Both candidates’ policies have seemed to take a backseat to various controversies and accusations. Abrams’ biggest controversy has seemed to be her burning of the state flag, which was a confederate symbol until the flag was changed,  in 1992. Abrams’ justified this action by explaining she was executing her 1st Amendment Right to freedom of expression, and was protesting a symbol she saw as racist. The biggest controversy Kemp has faced has been his refusal to step down as the Secretary of State of Georgia. The problem with this is that by being secretary of state he would oversee the election in which he is running.

Voting is one of the most important rights we as citizens of the United States are granted, but one that many take for granted. This election would be a great time to begin voting as its effects will be felt by all, across the state no matter which candidate wins.