Your Ticket to the Big/Little Reveal Party


Excited conversations were flowing filled with ideas, plans and what’s to come after the matching-reveal at the Big/Little Sister reveal party last week. The program matches two or three girls together as “big” and “little” (depending if you’re a new student or a freshman), with the purpose of having someone throughout the year that they can turn to if they need help with anything and bond a little extra with. The reveal party was, according to most girls, a success.

“It was a lot of fun, ‘Mamma Mia’ is one of my favorite movies it’s so fun to sing along in the movie. It was a good movie that fit the occasion and I loved how all the girls liked to sing along together,” said big sister Nea Leppänen.

Other girls echoed that thought and especially loved the movie choice for the night.

“The food was really good and the movie was so nice. I’ve never seen the movie before but I think that it is a popular movie that many people like, it was the perfect choice and I loved it,” said little sister Aylin Aytemiz.

The matching was a success and everyone was happy with their bigs and littles, but some felt that the revealing could have taken place a little earlier.

“I am very happy with my sister match, and it feels like they put a lot of thought into the matching which is good,” Leppänen said. “It’s a cute thing to do and I’ve seen a lot of my friends who are now in college have that same thing there so I think it’s a good idea, but they should have the matches ready earlier because I feel like it would be a lot more useful for the new people to have a big sister in the beginning so that they have someone to contact if they have questions or anything to ask.”

Although most people know their way around by now, the matching was still appreciated and full of excitement.

“I am very happy with my sister match, and I have two amazing little sisters, I was friends with them before so it’s even better now,” Evelyn Fuenmayor, big sister, said. “I’m excited to do a bunch of activities with my little sisters this year and just get to know them better.”

The program, compared to last year, has gotten an upgrade with more activities planned and better bonding experiences and fun.

“Different from last year is that we definitely have more girls participating this year which is good. Also, we have so many more activities planned and I’m so excited,” Fuenmayor said.

Overall, the night was a success and after hearing from the girls involved it sounds like the Big/Little Program will be staying and keep on evolving in the future.

“I’m excited about having a big sister this year and having someone to ask questions when i’m struggling with something, it’s nice,” Aytemiz said. “Also, I think that the program makes people closer to each other because they can easier ask each other for help and it is just a good thing to have.”