Light The Lake 2018

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Light The Lake 2018

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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To honor people affected by cancer, Light the Lake was an event held by the lake to honor these individuals.


Light the Lake is an annual event that recognizes all of those who have been affected by cancer.


“It is an event where the Darlington community can get to gather to rally around this one cause [cancer],” sophomore Chloe Duck said.


This year, the Student Leadership committee gathered around to discuss some changes for this year’s Light the Lake.


“We’ve [Student Leadership Committee] changed Light the Lake to where it’s not all revolved around the little ones, it’s more revolved around the high schoolers because we are the leaders of it,” sophomore Abigail Yerke said. “Also, instead of walking individually to get service hours, we’re walking on teams, which helped raise more cancer awareness and raise more money for the organizations.”


Walking around the lake was one way that students could receive service hours, which helped those seniors struggling to meet their requirements.


“It was fun, and everybody who performed seriously was really talented, but I had to walk 18 laps because I’m in so much need for service hours, so that was kind of a pain,” senior Alan Shorey said.


For new students who participated, it was their first Light the Lake, and there was much positive feedback throughout the event.


“I had a great Light the Lake experience.  I loved walking around the lake and hanging out with my friends,” freshman Madison Rogers said. “I think honoring all of the lives lost to cancer and the people who have or had cancer is a very thoughtful and sympathetic thing to do. Overall, I had a great experience and will definitely attend again next year.”

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