New Courses 2018-2019

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New Courses 2018-2019

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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Each year, courses get added and removed due to lack of popularity or an overwhelming demand for specific classes. This year there are three new courses for the 2018-19 school year.


A new addition to the Fine Arts department is Photography.


“Photography is always a great course for those fine arts kids just looking for that extra elective,” Dean of Studies Chad Woods said. “I think back to Matthew McConnell [’17], who really loved Photography, that class gave him an opportunity to give him something that he’s passionate about.”


Another course that was added is AP Economics, which focuses on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics combined.


“The courses are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principles of economics,” Upper School History Department Chair Jonathan Wagshul said. “We will explore the study of national income, economic performance measures, economic growth and international economics.”


While although not a “new” course, changes are being made to the AP World History class.


“Now, ninth graders take Human Geography, either as a college prep or AP course. Those eligible for AP as sophomores will take the full AP World course for their 10th-grade class,” Wagshul said. “One of the benefits of this new construct is that 9th graders in college prep who demonstrate readiness for AP as sophomores will have the chance to move to AP.  College prep students will continue to take Modern World as sophomores.”


One course that will not be continued next year is the ‘Intro to Media Arts’ class, which focuses on preparing students for the Newsroom, and essential skills to become student journalists.


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