Phone Free Friday

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Phone Free Friday

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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Phones are said to be a distraction among teens in classrooms. Scientists claim that having a phone disconnects us from being in the present, leading to a lack of communication among others.


The Student Council decided to conduct a test with all of the students to see if not having your phone helped in the classroom and aspects of school life.


“‘Phone Free Friday’ is designed to encourage students to make an effort of putting their phone away to avoid distractions that take away from interacting with others,” Student Body President senior David Hagler said. “Students will obviously still be able to use technology throughout the day, but the action of handing phones over allows us to avoid the social crutch that phones have become. “


The idea of “Phone Free Friday” came about when the Student Council was contacted by Brant Evans and Matthew Peer after they read some articles about phones in the classroom.


“Student Council has been talking for some time about encouraging students to spend less time with technology and more time with friends. Mr. Peer and Mr. Evans came to me with this idea, and we began speaking as a group to hammer out the details,” Hagler said.


Students have different opinions on this activity, and the effects it has on student communication during school hours.


“I feel as if ‘Phone Free Friday’ will benefit many people, allowing them to focus not on keeping their streak and spending their free time being entertained by a screen, but truly talk to one another and connect,” sophomore Chloe Duck said. “I feel like this activity will help strengthen friendships and should be done on a regular basis.”


Not all students were as optimistic as Duck.


“Personally, I feel like it won’t make a difference because I talk around the table and with my peers as much with or without my phone,” senior Morgan Adams said. “But I do think that this exercise will be a nice observation of how many students want to do this activity.”


Faculty has gotten positive reactions from some students during other times when phones weren’t allowed.


“On the Senior Retreat, students aren’t allowed to have their phones.  I’m always surprised at how many seniors comment after a phone free 24-hour period that they were happy that was the policy during the retreat,” Evans said.


While giving the option turning in your phone on Friday may to some students seem that the school is trying to “ban” all phones, that is not the case.


“The goal isn’t to eliminate phones but to rather create an awareness that our phone usage can sometimes become excessive,” Hagler said. “I will consider this initiative a success if just a few students realize the real value of interacting with others without the constant presence of screens.”


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